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Recurring donations are pivotal to supporting i-tri’s ongoing programs. Many of the costs associated with supporting our girls must be paid every single month, even at times that we are not holding fundraising initiatives. Your ongoing support helps to make sure that we always have the funds when we need them, so our girls have all the resources they need when they need them!

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Does Your Employer Match Donations You Make?

Many do. Double your donation with a company match. Many employers match the personal tax-deductible charitable donations their employees and retirees make. And some even provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours. Donate Online! Then, follow the steps below to have your company match your gift.

Complete the requirements your company has in place for matching gifts. You may need the following information:

Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Federal Tax Identification Number: 90-0635108
Organization Name: i-tri: Inspirational Triathlon Racing International
Organization Mailing Address: PO Box 567, East Hampton, NY 11937
Phone: 631-902-3731
E-mail Address:

Submit your matching gift form online, email or mail to:
PO Box 567
East Hampton, NY 11937

You employer can also simply donate right on our website.