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Welcome to i‑tri!

i-tri is a goal-based, comprehensive empowerment program designed for Middle School girls. Our program is open to every 6th grade girl in all participating schools on the East End of Long Island, from Mastic to Montauk. The program runs from February through mid-July, culminating in a youth distance triathlon (300-yard open water swim, 6-mile bike and 1.5-mile run) held at Long Beach, Sag Harbor, NY. We are so excited that your child has been invited to participate in i-tri!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that all kids can benefit from this program, but if we asked your child to join, we probably noticed something special.

  • Has the capacity to become a leader
  • Would benefit from being part of a team
  • Would benefit from completing a triathlon (a huge accomplishment)
  • Would benefit from being involved in more extracurricular activities
  • Sometimes struggles in or out of school
  • Has afterschool availability/time

In order to best identify participants who would benefit most, i-tri partners with school administrators and staff to administer a survey, which asks activity and self-reflective questions and then meets with school personnel (usually Social Worker, PE Teacher, Guidance Counselor) to create a list of students to invite to participate. This year we were able to invite ALL 6th-grade girls from the following school districts due to small class sizes: Montauk, Springs, East Hampton, Sag Harbor, Bridgehampton, Tuckahoe Southampton, Westhampton and Hampton Bays.

i-tri is free for all participants. We provide all classes, training, equipment and uniforms for free to every single i-tri participant. Once school is out, we also provide free bus transportation to and from Sag Harbor for our 7 on-course trainings. If your child needs running sneakers, sports bras and swimsuits, please let your program leader know and i-tri will provide them.

i-tri is a goal-based program—although the program is free, we do ask that you register your child for the Hamptons Youth Triathlon and pay the $45 registration fee when you register for i-tri as a sign of your family’s commitment to your child’s goal. If you cannot afford to pay this registration fee, please just let your Program Leader know and they will give you a code to enter when you register so you do not need to pay at that time.

We ask that participants/families take part in fundraising activities that assist our organization in raising the funds necessary to provide all that we do, but this is not a requirement. We also ask you to attend the Program Kick Off Retreat and help volunteer at pre-race trainings if possible.

Your child will meet with i-tri after school once a week and on Saturdays from the end of February through June. Please see your child’s (school) group calendar below for specifics. Updated calendars for each school are made available at the end of January.

We realize that things come up (illness, family emergencies, travel, etc.) so of course we’re lenient about excused absences, as long as the family lets us know via the i-tri app ahead of time that their child will be missing a particular session.

We know that without the proper training, we cannot feel confident that participants will be fully prepared to complete the race.

Date: Saturday, July 13, 2024
Time: Athletes arrive at 6:30 am, race begins at 7:30 am, all racers are finished by 10am

Location: Foster Memorial Beach (Long Beach) Sag Harbor, NY

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No. Since this is a goal-based program, one of the only requirements is that the participant will be here for the actual race.

If your child is not going to be here for the race they cannot participate in the program. Even if they went to camp and then came back in time for the race, we would rather you really think about the implications. It is imperative that the participant have ample time to train on the actual racecourse, so once school ends there are 7 weekday practices which are integral to success.

One of the benefits of participating in i-tri is that participants are given the opportunity to be active outside of physical education. If your child’s schedule can be arranged so that they can still participate in most of the i-tri activities (empowerment sessions, nutrition workshops and Saturday trainings) and would just miss the fitness sessions then the program would still be beneficial then they can participate. If your child cannot attend the afterschool empowerment sessions then they would not get the full benefit from the program and should not join.

Yes! In fact, this is an excellent reason for them to participate! Your child will learn to be a comfortable and confident rider through this program and will have the loving support of adult coaches and assistance of alumni who have also learned how to ride in i-tri!

Yes! We have an amazing team of swim coaches who have taught hundreds of kids to swim and be comfortable and confident in open water!

Yes! If your child is in 6th, 7th or 8th grade at one of the schools where we presently run programs.

Please contact Alyssa Channin to discuss.

Contact: Alyssa@itrigirls.org

No. While we welcome and appreciate committed volunteers and appreciate our committed volunteers, once we start training in open water and cycling on open roads, in order to provide the best training and ensure quality and safety, we pay qualified, and certified, educators and coaches.

Studies have shown boys and girls in elementary school have the same level of confidence. However, once kids get to high school there is a noticeable decrease in confidence for girls while boys stayed the same. i-tri was created to help close that confidence gap before kids enter high school.

Our curriculum was written by cis women for girls. (Please note that a cis woman is defined as a non-transgender woman. Her assigned sex is female, and she still identifies with the gender culturally associated with her sex: woman.) We understand, however, that people other than cis girls can benefit from the program. We have had trans/non-binary children participate in the program in the past. Our program team uses gender-neutral terms to make every participant feel included. If you are unsure how i-tri will work for your child, we recommend you have a conversation with your school’s social worker and your Program Leader to address all of your and your child’s concerns.

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2024 i-tri participating schools


East Hampton

Hampton Bays

Southampton Intermediate School

Westhampton Beach

William Floyd

William Paca Middle School