I remember walking my daughter to the starting line of the race. Seeing all the girls prepping for the triathlon it hit me like a ton of bricks: the energy of excitement, nervousness, determination that was in the air just brought tears to my eyes. The girls were helping each other, hugging their parents; the coaches greeted each girl with such care and concern. This triathlon is so more than just a race. It is a life journey for each girl, an awakening of strength, willpower and courage. In a short period of time i-tri became I-CAN as each and every one of those girls crossed the finish line.

Carmen, IANNA'S MOM, I-TRI 2019

Jill Raynor with i-tri participant
“Witnessing the pure joy on the faces of each of the girls as they completed the race was incredibly rewarding. I had the dual privilege of watching my twin daughters participate in i-tri and cross the finish line with that amazing sense of accomplishment. There is truly nothing like the experience of cheering on the girls as they work so hard to accomplish their goals.”

Jill Raynor, Program Leader

Kathleen King
“i-tri is a growing grassroots organization that is maturing and growing as they continue to change the lives of young girls, their families and their communities. I am grateful it all started in my community and honored to support all that they do.”

Kathleen King, Founder of Tate’s Cookies