April 13, 2024 @ 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Southampton High School

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i-tri girls are taught to visualize their goals and define what it takes to achieve them

Mentoring Day is an opportunity to introduce our i-tri Girls to incredible professional women from all different career fields and backgrounds.

Mentors and girls start the day with an inspirational Keynote Address followed by an address from one of our Alumni. Then mentors and girls come together in small groups for “talking circles,” where the girls get to ask questions and learn more about the careers and pathways and learnings that led them to where they are today. And finally, the NETWORKING session! A favorite for the girls and the mentors! 

After the networking session is complete, the girls go home-but the mentors, now just as inspired by one another, are invited to stay for a reception where they are able to meet, talk about the day and network with each other!

Our Mentoring Day begins at 10 am in the Auditorium at Southampton High School, 141 Narrow Ln, Southampton, NY with an inspirational Keynote Address.


Mentors and girls will be directed to classrooms where we will be divided into small groups for meaningful question and answer dialogues (talking circles). i-tri staff, volunteers and board members will be there to assist and sample starter questions will be provided- all you need to do is JUST BE YOUR FABULOUS SELF!


Mentors and girls will be led to the gym for a “Networking Session”. Girls will have read all of your bios ahead of time and will come prepared with a list of mentors that they want to meet- they will each have 5 personalized “business cards” that they are instructed to present to their 5 chosen mentors, after greeting you with a handshake and introduction. We ask that you bring your business cards as well if you have some. We will have some blanks available as well.

AFTER THIS SESSION, the girls are dismissed for pick up and the MENTORS are directed to the cafeteria for a SPECIAL RECEPTION where you will have the opportunity to meet and network with all of the fabulous women gathered – as well as meet i-tri board members and women who have participated as mentors in the past and hear about some exciting opportunities to stay connected and involved with each other and i-tri.


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i-tri values corporate philanthropy and helping out our shared community through partnerships. In recognition of your support, we will use your branding throughout our event and highlight your company whenever we can. If your company is interested in becoming an official sponsor, please reach out to us at

Mentoring Day Through the Years

“i-tri is a powerful grassroots organization that is maturing and growing as they continue to change the lives of young girls, their families and their communities. I am grateful it all started in my community and honored to support all that they do.”
Kathleen King
Founder of Tate’s Bake Shop