i-tri: bike, run, swim

So what’s with the circles?

You may have noticed something about our new logo and website.  There are a lot of circles everywhere!  So…what’s with the circles?

Well, first of all, circles are inclusive. When we meet for our Empowerment Sessions we sit in a circle, it helps us to connect, make eye contact and build trust and sense of belonging.  Our new logo really demonstrates that.  The small circle (with the i) connects to the larger circle.  Once a girl joins i-tri she immediately becomes connected to something bigger than herself, she becomes a part of a family circle!

One of the main things we teach our girls as they prepare for the triathlon is the use of affirmations: “I am strong.” “I am creative.” “I am beautiful.”  I am brave.” We show them that words MATTER- they have energy and power and they influence how you feel, which impacts the life you create.  It was important for us to incorporate that into our new brand and website.  When you come to our site, the first thing you see is an animation – two circles connect and then circular photos of our girls appear which get replaced by words: i-swim, i-bike, i-run, i-soar, i-connect, i-triumph!

Lynn Blumenfeld and Jill Fleming, from Blumenfeld and Fleming Advertising and Design, really understood the heart and soul of i-tri and were able to capture the essence of who we are and what we do. We are so grateful to them for their insights and creativity and love having them in our i-tri family circle!

With light and love, Theresa