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Meet i-tri's Official Technology Partner

As we come together to start our season with approximately 200 girls from 11 schools on Eastern Long Island, we are very excited to announce i-tri’s FIRST NATIONAL SPONSORSHIP with our new Official Technology Partner, Polar. Polar is providing us with their M200 watches which will provide our girls with real-time heart rate feedback and will be incorporated into their triathlon training as part of our Integrated “Science of Triathlon Curriculum.”

Polar shares i-tri’s mission to celebrate our girls’ potential on and off the racecourse, and this partnership will allow us to take our training to the next level, while our girls also use this technology to further bridge the gap between sports and science. Together we are working to not only train athletically but also to empower our girls to reach all of their goals in life–MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

“Polar’s partnership with i-tri is a major step in empowering adolescent girls to be active and understanding from a young age how real-time data is a reflection of what goes on inside our bodies. We believe that data is a major motivating factor for athletes of all ages, and we look forward to further promoting that inspiration and providing resources to help,” said Tom Fowler, President of Polar U.S. “Introducing an active lifestyle early is key for encouraging healthy habits throughout adulthood, and we support i-tri’s mission of personal empowerment through sports, science and education.”
Since our formation in 2010, i-tri has noticed educational gains, specifically in science, from girls who were in the program. With the Polar partnership, girls can take their learning a step further by analyzing their own data. By giving girls a goal of completing a triathlon, i-tri is also boosting confidence by giving them the physical and mental tools to achieve that goal.

Learn more about Polar’s commitment to our girls at www.POLAR.com and follow the journey, as our girls experiment with this technology all season long.

Congratulations to i-tri girl, Alison, on being named A Polar Ambassador!

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